Code of Ethics

The spirit of the Golden Rule of win-win is a spirit of morality, of mutual benefit, of fairness for all concerned ………,………,……………and most importantly our dogs and puppies.

The continued existence of our passion towards our dogs depends upon recognition that our profession is based on the respect for the dignity of the animals in our care, the people we serve, and most importantly, for each other. A consequent obligation of B.H.C is to maintain high standards of ethical conduct. We vow to have the courage and foresight to live up to the responsibilities within principles of professionalism without forgetting the serene promise to fulfill your choice to celebrate companionship.

We fight to find in our consciences the point against which to test our actions in cordinance with  the rules of nature and yet preserve our passion so we can provide our dogs a better life style, medical care, and ensure that the physiological, biological, psychological, and social needs of our dogs are cared for like a parent tending to their child.




  • Maintain the best possible standards of health and quality of life for our dogs.
  • Sound nutrition by scientific means and necessities
  • Breed only from sound stock of good temperament specimens.
  • Reasoning sound breeding by ethical selection of breeding pairs, scrutinicsd through pedigree and blood line matching.
  • Take full advantage of all relevant health screening processes available, including hip, elbow and shoulder radiographs, eye tests and heart screens.
  • Ensure that any dog or bitch to be used for breeding is continuously checked for good health, is free from infection and in good condition at the time of mating.
  • Provide professional, timely and competent supervision and support of all volunteers attached to the Breeding Programme, including your dog if you choose to enroll him in it.
  • Take every possible care as to the placement of puppies it has bred with puppy walking families, to ensure the transition from nest to the new home is as efficient and trauma free as possible.
  • Help with rehoming any dogs they have bred that are unsuccessful, medically compromised or abandoned.
  • Carefully plan all matings and whilst taking into consideration organizational and breeding programme needs, primarily ensure optimal health and temperamental welfare of each individual stud dog, breeding bitch and their potential progeny under medical concent with our qualified veterinarian.
  • Only breed bitches between the age of 19 months and seven years; we will not breed from any bitches once they have reached eight years of age. No bitch will be mated so as to whelp before she is 20 months old, unless there are exceptional circumstances and then only if she is considered mature enough to raise a litter of puppies. No bitch will be mated so as to whelp a litter after her eighth birthday.
  • Where consecutive season matings are considered this would normally be in the middle of a bitches breeding career, to ensure that litters are delivered at the peak of a bitch's reproductive fitness. Consecutive breeding will only be considered providing a satisfactory veterinary check has been conducted, confirming fitness to breed.
  • Ensure that bitches will normally have a maximum of 4 litters and that no bitch will have more than 5 litters. A fifth litter will be dictated by operational, productive and/or breeding programme/genetic need and will be subject to and conditional upon veterinary advice confirming that the individual's health and welfare would not in any way be compromised. A vet will confirm fitness to breed and only bitches that have had relatively uncomplicated 4th litter whelpings will normally be considered.
  • Retire all bitches that have required two caesareans.
  • Work closely and in consultation with The Kennel Club and observe, where appropriate and reasonable to do so, the current regulations and advice relating to breeding practices and welfare
  • Only use stud dogs after 12 months of age and aim to retire them no later than nine years of age.
  • Keep accurate breeding records, registration papers, pedigrees and contracts of all dogs it breeds.
  • From time to time offer our stud dogs for use on external bitches enrolled in breeding programme, to help complete your pets natural life cycle, helping you the manage your child s family and also helping the pups to be rehomed themselves.
  • We encourage mandatory registrations of all dogs and pups with the honorary Kennel club of India.

Most importantly, any queries, complaints, suggestions are welcome and will be addressed with ethical, philosophical ands humanitarian understanding.

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