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The Doctors word :

The beginning :

Days were those,……. when I could hear my mom scream and I used to scramble, cos the pups from the street dog across the roads were sheltered on my roof top and the milk kept for our morning coffee used to be gone. So was the passion for animals,  to  provide food, shelter and warmth to the whole dog family including the pups mom. Not to forget the glaring eyes of the pups mother mistaking me to be a liability.

 With the care and passion I had for them, it wasn’t long before my thoughts were captured by the deep blue and penetrating eyes of the Siberian huskies. So the journey started, way back when I was a teen. With time I grew and chased the dreams of the world, but my passion and love for this special breed never failed to bring about a smile on my face. Today, Iam a successful practioner (Doctor) in the field of oral and dental, maxillofacial surgery, holding a prestigious degree of Masters from the Oxford institutions, Also a teacher in many research institutes.

Times have changed, but my love for this breed prompted me to initiate this club for huskies in Bangalore (June -2011 ), to facilitate and allow many like me to enjoy the companionship of one of the rarest breeds of dogs in India. The journey which started by owning a pair of Siberian huskies has led me to own about three generations of about thirty odd huskies in my farms spread out in a five acre area. 

Though Iam not a professional full time breeder, my time spent with my dogs have helped us gain an insight in to their behavioral world. Added with the basics of a medical back ground from my professional arena, it was not long before that we used these sciences in bettering the life styles and improving the well being of our dogs. Not to forget the exposure of early farm life in animal husbandry and land farming, instilled from my grandpa, we were able to have a huge pack of these love bundles. Every passion has a cost and every new mouth to the pack, added so much more pressure on the limited resources. So reluctantly we started to share these bundles of joys to new families. The reluctance in time, soon turned to joy to see these pups grow up beautifully and happily. Not to forget the easing of the economic pressure from these little ventures that my family allowed me to keep the original three generations with us.

Iam a proud owner of this magnificent breed and yet thank full to be humbled by those deep dark blue eyes that still never fails to bring a smile on my face and every new husky I see…… tickles my passion and excites me and makes me feel like a baby yet again.

The journey :

B.H.C started as an organization of husky lovers and represents the family of Siberian husky owners, members and passionate admirers of this spell bounding breed, in Bangalore and across India.

It is with passion and commitment that we breed our dogs, more so with the responsibility to guard, provide and rehome them………… to provide each individual life a life of celebration, a family that will hold them close and love them till the end of time.

This club stands for all husky lover who owns this breed with responsibility. We stand by you all through irrespective of the fact if it’s a pup bred by us or not, in their upbringing. Our relationship with you continues as we promise to be associated with you helping you in understanding your husky (through knowledge we have gained from owning, working, and growing up with 30 odd of my own huskies) and help you understand them through behavior sciences, medical insights, psychological analysis, and bring about in nurturing and grooming your husky to become, a beautiful, a complete pet, an explosive companion and an everlasting friend.

The mission : This club is not to encourage commercial breeding, rather itsto celebrate companionship.

Theres a husky for everyone ……so…. lets up bring this breed in India

We dream for them …… so as to provide them a life of completeness

We find solace in gifting sweet homes….. these new bundles of joys.


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